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December 2018 Report

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Market Continues to Soften

The real estate market in San Mateo County continues to soften. The sales price to list price ratio is at its lowest level since January 2017. While still over 100%, 103.4%, the trend will have it below that mark soon.

The median price for single-family, re-sale homes fell 7.6% from October. The average price for homes fell 1.2%.

Year-over-year, the median price was flat and the average price was up 6.1%. 

Home sales were down 12.4% year-over-year. Year-to-date, sales are off 4.9%.

Days of Inventory dropped one day to forty-two days in November. Since January 2000, San Mateo County has averaged eighty-one days of inventory.

The number of homes for sale was up 74.5% year-over-year. That’s the sixth month in a row inventory has been higher.

As of December 5th, there were 466 homes for sale in San Mateo County.

It is taking twenty-nine days to sell a home.

Condo prices were down last month with the median price off 3.0% and the average price falling 2.6% over last year.

Sales were down 23.0%. This is the seventh consecutive month condo sales have been lower than the year before.

Inventory was up for the fourth month in a row, jumping 144.4%. There are now 110 condos on the market.

There are thirty-seven days of inventory.

Condos are staying on the market only twenty-one days. That means from the time the condo is listed to when it goes into contract.

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